RSD Dry Water™


For High Energy Calibration in Radiation Therapy 

  • Equal to water in radioabsorptive and scatter properties
  • Gives easily reproducible results
  • Inexpensive and structurally consistent
  • Custom slab sizes and anthropomorphic shapes available

RSD DRY WATER™ was developed by Samuel W. Alderson to meet ICRU 44 guidelines and to provide an easy, convenient way to accomplish radiation beam calibrations. Critical dose measurements per AAPM TG 21 are possible using RSD DRY WATER™. 
Various standard size slabs are carefully molded and machined to accurate sizes and thicknesses.  Custom slab sizes and anthropomorphic shapes can be manufactured.   Inserts for ion chambers, TLDs and other detectors can also be provided. 
X-ray transmission through DRY WATER™ is within 1% of an equal amount of natural water. Ionization readings obtained in DRY WATER™ are equal (within experimental error) to those in natural water for the same depth and exposure. 
DRY WATER™ for diagnostic energies 30 keV to 300 keV is available in a separate formulation.  Linear attenuation coefficients for diagnostic DRY WATER™ are within 1.0% of water in this energy range.


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