The Fission-Product Phantom is partially modeled after the Lawrence Livermore Realistic Phantom. It was developed by RSD to meet the needs of nuclear power stations and other facilities where more organs are needed than are provided by the Lawrence Livermore Realistic Phantom.
This phantom may be used on a couch, in a chair or standing. It includes the head and neck, the complete torso and stub legs articulated at the hips (which are also needed for the sitting position). The same access to the torso cavity is provided as in the Livermore Phantom.

The materials of construction are RSD multi-energetic formulations. The skeleton has been extended to include the head and full torso. The RSD "Superhuman Skeleton", which is multi-energetic, is used.  RSD materials closely meet the standards of the International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU) Report No. 44 (Tissue Substitutes in Radiation Dosimetry and Measurement, 1989.)

The organs of the Lawrence Livermore Realistic Phantom fit exactly into the Fission-Product Phantom, but RSD has modified the internal construction to accommodate additional organs: thyroid, kidneys, stomach, spleen, pancreas, and small and large intestines.  The Fission-Product Phantom system is shipped with inert organs. Any or all organs can be replaced by radioactive organs, which are shipped in separate packages.  The same choices of nuclide loading are available for active organs as for the liver of the Livermore Phantom (uniformly dispersed in the molding materials, hollow shells or with hole grids).

Chest Overlay Plates
These are fitted specifically to the Fission-Product Phantom and are not interchangeable with the Livermore Phantom.

RSD routinely manufactures active organs with isotopes to suit users' needs. Active capsules to fit into the gridded holes are available, or empty capsules can be supplied to be filled by the user.  RSD usually supplies the required isotopes, but users may furnish them if so desired.  Isotopes are most often received as calibrated solutions, traceable to the NIST. Organ loading is controlled by micropipetting aliquots from the calibrated solutions. Uraniums and plutoniums are traceable to the NIST by mass. Other isotopes are usually traceable by activity.  Some isotopes are manufactured only at intervals throughout the year, so delivery is subject to availability. In some cases, calibration costs from governmental sources are subject to wide fluctuations.

Fission-Product Phantom System, includes: Head, neck, neck cover plate for thyroid access, complete torso and gridded torso cover, inert heart, lungs, lymph nodes, thyroid, liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas, spleen, small and large intestines. Stub legs with pivot bolts. Documentation. Permanent shipping and storage case.

Fission-Product Organs:
Organs Inert Hole Matrix Solid Active Inert Hollow
Lymph Nodes (set of 3) N/A RS-506A RS-506S
Thyroid N/A RS-543A RS-543S
Liver RS-507H RS-508A RS-519S
Kidneys (pair) RS-530H RS-531A RS-532S
Stomach RS-533H RS-534A RS-535S
Pancreas RS-536H RS-537A RS-538S
Spleen RS-539H RS-540A RS-541S
Small Intestine RS-544H N/A N/A
Large Intestine RS-546H N/A N/A
Chest Overlay Plates
RS-513   Chest Overlay Plate (Any of 4 thickness')
(1,2,3,4)  #1 - thinnest, #4- thickest
(A,B,C)   A) 87% adipose - 13% muscle
                B.) 50% adipose -50% muscle
                C.) 100% muscle

RS-514    Chest Overlay Plates
(A,B,C)    Set of 4, in materials A, B or C

RS-520    Active Capsule (isotope and activity to be specified)
RS-521    Inert Capsule with sealing cap, to be filled by user 
RS-550 Fission-Product Phantom System with Stub Legs
The Complete System includes the following:
*  RS-512 Head, neck, neck cover plate for thyroid
   access, gridded torso cover
*  RS-524 Pair stub legs with pivot bolt
*  RS-504 Inert Heart
*  RS-549 Auxiliary cover under gridded cover
*  RS-502 Lungs, foam, inert, pair
*  RS-506 Lymph Nodes, solid, inert (set of 3)
*  RS-543S Thyroid, hollow, inert
*  RS-507 Liver, solid, inert
*  RS-530 Kidneys, solid, inert, pair
*  RS-533 Stomach, solid, inert
*  RS-536 Pancreas, solid, inert
*  RS-539 Spleen, solid, inert
*  RS-544 Small Intestine, solid, inert
*  RS-546 Large Intestine, solid, inert

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