The Thyroid Phantom


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The Thyroid Phantom is an integral part of the Fission-Product Phantom, but it can also be supplied separately (with or without a head). This phantom has the same contours as in the full Fission-Product Phantom. 
The Thyroid Phantom contains a neck with corresponding "Superhuman Skeleton" vertebrae, a hollow-shell thyroid with filling and flushing ports, and a front cover of tissue-equivalent phantom material. 
This assembly has been designed for rapid removal of the cover plate and thyroid, a quick fill with an isotope solution and an equally rapid reassembly. This permits work with iodines of very short half-lives. A portion of the clavicles and sternum are included to further enhance the realism of the phantom.






Thyroid Phantom without Head; consists of neck, hollow thyroid, thyroid cover, a portion of the cervical spine, sternum and clavicles.


Thyroid Phantom with Head; (same as RS-542 but with Head and full cervical spine)


Thyroid, solid, active


Thyroid, hollow, inert


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