Densitometer Unilight D, Unilight D, AD, ADA

Densitometer Unilight D, Unilight D, AD, ADA - The ideal measuring instrument for densitometry measurements in accordance with the scope of Quality Assurance in Film Processing is defined in IEC 61223-2-1 and DIN 6868-2 resp. DIN V 6868-55 (German standard).

The Unilight D is used to grade film processing parameters using a 21-step gray scale wedge as well as for measurements of the optical density of X-rays up to a film size of 35 x 35 cm.

Our Densitometer Unilight D is available in the following three versions:

Unilight D
The Unilight D features the following characteristics:
Unilight ADA
Unilight ADA Densitometer equipped with:
Unilight AD
Unilight AD Densitometer with measuring arm for single point measurements of light sensitivity (LE) and light contrast (LK) according to DIN V 6868-55 (German standard) possible (after density measurements of the complete 21 step wedge)
Power Pack
Power Pack (110 V or 220 V) These power packs are essential for all types of Densitometer.
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