Spot-Luminance-Meter LXcan

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Spot-Luminance-Meter LXcan

The new LXcan, the efficient successor of our well-known LXplus offers extensive improvements in handling and technical design including:


the new LXcan offers improved specifications and simpler handling in a new style housing.

Technical specifications

Luminance Measurement Range:0.05 to 10000 cd/m2
Maximum Luminance Resolution:0.05 cd/m2
f1`Uncertainty of V(8) Response:≤3%
General Uncertainty:≤ 10 %
F.O.V Lens:~ 1.6 °
Influence of outfield luminance f2(U):≤ 0.6 %
Measurement Distance:50 cm
Measurement Spot:2 cm at 50 cm distance
Distance Sensor:Ultrasonic
Illuminance Measurment Range: 1)0.1 to 10000 lx
Total Uncertainty:≤ 10 %
Display:1.2" TFT
Control Buttons:Three
Interface:USB, RS 232
Battery rechargeable via USB:Li-lon
Housing:Al; Tripod Adapter
Dimensions:220 x 80 x 45 mm
Weight:500 g
Power consumption (use with USB):approx. 450 mA
Expected operation time (battery use):approx. 8 h
1) with Optional Detector Head 
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