MAS-2 Probe Probe

MAS-2 Probe

The Piranha MAS-2 Probe is a current clamp probe for non-invasive measurement of mA (tube current) and mAs. The probe is simply clamped on to the high voltage cable and then ready for measurements. Together with the Piranha direct reading of mA and mAs as well as waveform are obtained.

The Piranha MAS-2 Probe is ideal for QA since no connection inside the X-ray generator is required and it allows anyone to measure mA and mAs. The Piranha MAS-2 Probe can be used to measure tube current down to 10 mA. The MAS-2 probe supports the Piranha ADI (automatic detector identification) system. All information regarding the Probe is stored in a memory inside the probe. When connected, the Piranha automatically identifies the probe and makes all necessary adjustments without any need for interaction from the user. The Piranha ADI system also gives full interchangeability of probes between different Piranha systems using the same type of probes.


Type MAS-2B
Current range 10 4000 mA
Inaccuracy 5 % or 2 mA (3 % at 250 mA)
Charge range 0.1 mAs 9999 mAs
Frequency range DC 500 Hz (-3 dB)
Size 183 x 61 x 36 mm
Connector Hirose with built-in ADI (automatic detector identification) system

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