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A Superior Tool in Sensitivity and Filtration

The Piranha is designed as a truly self-contained, all-in-one, multi-function meter that fits in the palm of your hand. The Piranha assures accurate results in a simple, fast and smart way – in one shot; kV, time, dose, dose rate, HVL, and total filtration. The Piranha will also measure CTDI and give you CT dose profiles. With Pulsed Fluoroscopy you add pulse rate and dose/ pulse. It measures on Cine and Dental, both Panoramic and Intra-Oral, as well as on traditional and slot scanning Mammography.

The Piranha has an extremely sensitive detector, capable of measuring on low-output mini C-arms and Mammography. The Auto-Compensation pioneered by RTI, available on all our existing multi-function meters, corrects for any added filtration. This ensures confidence in the accuracy and reproducibility of measurements without compromise.

A Complete QA Solution Instantly

The Piranha comes ready-to-use. Everything you need is included. Standard detectors are built-in. Communication is made easy via Bluetooth or USB.

Just connect the Piranha to your laptop and you have a complete QA-system.

Choose the One That Suits You

The Piranha models are divided into the following main groups:

These features are included/excluded depending on model:

Superiority Worth its Price

The Piranha with accessories makes the QA service easy and quick. Your investment is protected and the firmware is upgradeable, ensuring that you always have the latest features.

Designed to Optimize

Optimized to do Only the Things You Need

The different Piranha models are designed to be smart in different areas, so you can purchase the model that meets your exact application needs.

Thanks to the variety of tailor made models, the Piranha is user-friendly, small, and comes ready-to-use. Since the Piranha is optimized, your required measurements will be minimized.

Software Included

The Piranha comes with the oRTIgo-Lite software that lets you capture your data on your PC. The data is instantly displayed and can automatically be entered into your custom Excel® worksheets.

Waveforms can be studied immediately and setup is as simple as placing the Piranha under the X-ray beam, making an exposure, and seeing the results instantaneously. For the advanced user, there is a full database version of oRTIgo as an optional accessory.


Piranha on Palm

The Piranha is able to use a graphical display to show measured data. Both measured values and waveforms instantly appear after each exposure. Up to six measured values and three waveforms can be shown at the same time for each measurement. The graphical display also provides an intuitive user-interface that makes it very simple to setup the meter for different types of measurements. The display connects via Bluetooth.

Piranha Models

Piranha Models


Piranha Panoramic Holder

Piranha on Palm

The Piranha is ideal for measurement on panoramic (OPG) systems. The small detector area and the Piranha position check, a feature that makes it possible to verify the detector position, ensure more accurate and more reproducible results.The OPG holder provides for easy and precise fixation of the Piranha onto the panoramic system for accurate and complete measurements.

An Extra Hand

Piranha on Palm

A dose probe holder makes the positioning of the detectors very easy and reproducible.

A Safe Traveler

Piranha on Palm

Makes your Piranha safer and more practical when you work in the field. Custom-made cases are available (picture).

Aluminum Filter

Piranha on Palm

Pieces of aluminum for measuring half value layers for Rad and Mammo.


Weight Approx. 320 g
Size 133 x 74 x 25 mm
Power source Rechargable batteries or external power supply
Battery life Approx. 16 hours
Interface type Built-in Bluetooth and USB
Display unit PC or handheld Palm computer
Waveform Single-phase to high frequency
Min. exp. time 0.1 ms
kV mode kVp and PPV
Range 35–155 kV
Inaccuracy ±1.5 %
Filtration dep. Auto compensation for 1–40 mm Al or eqivalent
Sensitivity 45 kV, 0.025 mA @ 50 cm
Range 20–46 kV
Inaccuracy ±1.5 % or ±0.7 kV
Beam qualities Mo/Mo, Mo/Al, Mo/Rh, Rh/Rh, Rh/Al, W/Rh and W/Al
Sensitivity 20 kV, 2 mA @65 cm
Range 75–150 kV
Inaccuracy ±1.5 %
Filtration dep. Auto compensation for 1–40 mm Al or eqivalent
Sensitivity 90 kV, 0.25 mA @ 50 cm
Range 35–105 kV
Inaccuracy ±1.5 %
Filtration dep. Auto compensation for 1–40 mm Al or eqivalent
Sensitvity 45 kV, 0.025 mA @ 50 cm
Internal Detector (R&F and Dental)
Inaccuracy ±5 %
Range 5 µGy– >100 kGy
  0.5 mR– >11000 kR
with wide-range 0.1 µGy– >100 kGy
  11 µR– >11000 kR
Energy dep. Auto compensation for
  1–40 mm Al or eqivalent
External Detector (R&F)
Inaccuracy ±5 %
Range 0.1 nGy– >100 kGy
  12 nR– >11000 kR
Energy dep. < ±5 %
Internal Detector (Mammo)
Inaccuracy ±5 %
Range 0.2 µGy– >100 kGy
  22 µR– >11000 kR
Energy dep. Auto compensation for
  < 2.0 mm Al or equivalent
Dose rate
Internal Detector (R&F and Dental)
Inaccuracy ±5 %
Range 10 µGy/s–350 mGy/s
  0.07 R/min–2200 R/min
with wide-range 40 nGy/s–350 mGy/s
  300 µR/min–36 R/s
Energy dep. Auto compensation for
  1–40 mm Al or eqivalent
External Detector (R&F)
Inaccuracy ±5 %
Range 1 nGy/s–76 mGy/s
  0.11 µR/s–520 R/min
Energy dep. <5%
Internal Detector (Mammo)
Inaccuracy ±5 %
Range 0.4 µGy/s–700 mGy/s
  2.8 mR/min–4400 R/min
Dose per pulse
Internal Detector (R&F)
Inaccuracy ±5 %
Range 2.5 µGy/pulse–1000 Gy/pulse
  0.25 mR/pulse–100 kR/pulse
with wide-range 25 nGy/pulse–1000 Gy/pulse
  2.5 µR/pulse–100 kR/pulse
Energy dep. Auto compensation for
  1–40 mm Al or eqivalent
Pulse rate 0.5–100 pulses/s
External Detector (R&F)
Inaccuracy ±5 %
Range 1 nGy/pulse–1000 Gy/pulse
  0.1 µR/pulse–100 kR/pulse
Energy dep. < 5%
Pulse rate 0.5–100 pulses/s
CT Dose profile
External Detector (CT slice detector)
Rotational sensitivity ±5 %
Resolution 250 µm
Max. scan time 32 s
Sensitivity 1 µGy/s
Range 0.1 ms–2000 s
  1–65535 pulses
Inaccuracy ±1 % or ±0.5 ms
  ±1 pulse
HVL is measured with internal filters.
R&F, CT, and Dental
Range 1.2–14 mm Al
Inaccuracy ±10 % or ±0.3 mm Al
  (60–120 kV, HF/DC)
Waveform type kV and dose rate
Sampling rate
Max 2000 samples/s
Min 16 samples/s
Max recording time
@max samp. rate 320 ms
@min samp. rate 120 s
Optional probes
Non-invasive mAs 10–4000 mA
  0.1 mAs–9999 mAs
Invasive mAs 0.1–3000 mA
  0.001 mAs–9999 mAs
Light 0.03–72000 cd/m2
  0.01–24000 lx
NOTE: All specifications are not applicable for all models.
Specifications may change without prior notice.

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