Gamma Probe System for Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy



The gamma probe system Crystal Probe - automatic - is perfectly suited to seek radioactive labeled sentinel lymph nodes (SLN), other local nuclide enrichments in tissue and boundaries of labeled primary tumors (ROLL). It´s setting standards in


Technical Data

Classification of the system

Class IIa according to Directive 93/42/EEC and §13 Medical Devices Act of 09/08/1994.

Certification EC Verification Certificate according to Annex IV, Directive 93/42/EEC

Power supply

Maintenance-free lead storage batteries: 2x6V/3,4 Ah
Operation time with maximum charge: 10 hours at maximum load
13 hours at normal load
Charging with the delivered battery charger: 110....230V/500mA
Charging period for maximum charge: 12 hours
Operation voltages: ± 5 V / 450-500 mA
Classification of the control unit CXS-SG03: IP20
Protection degree of the application part against electric shock: Typ B
Fuses: 2x500mAT on the power supply board
1x100mAT on the bargraph circuit board

Energy discrimination

Discriminator threshold Nuclides Switch position
20 keV 125I 125I
60 keV 201Tl, 58Co, 67Ga 201Tl
120 keV 99mTc, 123I, 111In 99mTc
310 keV 131I, 113mIn 131I
430 keV PET-nuclides PET
100 keV for tests with 57Co VI

Visual and acoustic signals

8-digit LCD: Countrate in counts per second (cps)
Bargraph: Countrate (analogue, logarithmic)
Sound: 2 different acoustic signals, variable according to the radiation intensity, volume adjustable, one signal set to different measuring ranges

Output Signals

Analogue voltage signal; output voltage max. 3,5V, output impedance ≤ 50 Ω


Control unit CXS-SG03: 9 lb ( 4,0 kg)
Probe CXS-OPSZB (incl. 3 m cable): 0,4 kg


Control unit CXS-SG03 (B x H x T): 185 x 155 x 270 mm³
   length 220 mm
   diameter handle 20 mm
   diameter intrance window 15 mm

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