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BEXXAR Dose Preparation System

Manual Dose Injector

The Dose Preparation System is used to prepare the radio-immunotherapy drug BEXXAR. It consists of a specially designed syringe shield, vial shield and stand.

When preparing BEXXAR, the vial shield and syringe shield remain on the stand. The stand allows the vial shield to rotate and has a fixed stop at the 45-degree downward angle. The vial shield is constructed of lead shielding encased in steel. The shield’s top is threaded to allow quick insertion and removal of vials. The top cover incorporates a pivoting shield for septum access that allows the use of a vent needle along with the needle from the 60 cc syringe.

The syringe shield mounts on a rotating platform that slides the syringe into the vial and locks in position. The dose can then be drawn with forceps to minimize hand exposure. The syringe shield is constructed of .84" lead shielding encased in steel. A high-density lead glass window allows viewing up to the 50 cc mark on a 60 cc syringe. When the syringe is filled and assayed, it can be transferred to the BEXXAR Unit Dose Pig for safe transport.

The Dose Preparation System provides a safe and shielded environment while making it easy to prepare a BEXXAR dose.

Manual Dose Injector Manual Dose Injector Manual Dose Injector
Syringe Shield mounts to the stand on
a stainless steel rotating platform;
syringe is placed in shield.
Note Vial Shield in upright position.
The Vial Shield rotates to 45-degree
downward angle. Swing open the cover
for Vial Septum access.
Syringe Shield slides upward allowing
the syringe to puncture the Vial Septum.
Dose is drawn.


007-978 Dose Preparation Syringe Shield

001-850 Dose Preparation Vial Shield

042-455 Dose Preparation Stand

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