Nuclear Medicine

Flood Phantom

FP 67S

Flood Phantom - FP 67S

Product Specifications

Field of Application

Quality Assurance in Nuclear Medicine according to revised Guideline on Radiation Protection in Medicine, for weekly inhomogeneity and sensitivity control and acquisition of correction matrices.


  • Complete mixing, saving time, lower radiation exposure
  • Air-bubble free field of view and no impact of temperature on the measuring result
  • Contamination risk reduction
  • The phantom doesn’t have to be emptied after each measuring cycle
  • Ensures reproducible positioning of the flood phantom during measurement.

Product Description

Regarding its dimensions the Flood phantom FP 67S corresponds to DIN 6855, Part 2 for performing constancy control of the inhomogeneity and for acquisition of correction matrices. It contains a mixing system with built-in pump. Due to its special composite design, deformation of the measuring areas is avoided by permanent water contact.


  • Positioning cart for positioning the flood phantom under the Gamma Camera
  • Shielded transportation cart for transportation and radiation-free storage of the flood phantom.
  • Mounting frame HR 67 for PRISM 1000/ 2000.


Material in measuring range: 20 mm acrylic glass/glass
Measuring accurarcy according to DIN: 1%
Filling medium: distilled water
Power Supply: low voltage (7,5V wall plug transformer)
Connected load: primarily: 230V~ 15 VA
Mixing time: 4 minutes
Operation temperature: 15° C – 25° C
Dimensions and weight: see chart

Dimensions and weight

Type:FP 67S
Eff. field of view [mm]:400 x 540
Total field of view [mm]:440 x 580
Dimension of the cuvette [mm]:545 x 630 x 80
Dimension with attachment parts [mm]:635 x 630 x 90
Filling quantity approx. [liters]:12
Weight empty approx. [kg]:21
Operation weigt approx. [kg]:31

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