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Dose Calibrator ISOMED 2162

Thyroid Counter with one-culumn stand
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The Thyroid Counter ISOMED 2162 is a universal in vitro- counter, especially for diagnostics and therapy of the thyroid. The measuring system consists of a powerful PC-system with integrated MED multi-channel analyser and a stand system accommodating the shielded NaI-scintillation detector. The heart of the measuring system is the user-specific software Upt2000 (see description). Apart from the field of applicati- on thyroid, the measuring system can also be used for kine- tic function analyses, incorporation monitoring of personnel working in the therapy field and for the leakage check of the Isolated Extremity Perfusion (ILP).

Many accessories like e.g. collimators, absorbers, thyroid phantoms and test sources complete the thyroid counter.


Thyroid programme Upt2000

Thyroid Program
Thyroid Program

Essential characteristics are

In this way e.g. a transmission between diagnostics
and the- rapy wards is possible.

The thyroid programme Upt2000 is used for diagnostics and therapy of the thyroid. From a maximum of 30 uptakes for a patient, the programme calculates the parameters effective half-life and maximum storage. With these parameters, the activity for the dose planning of the radiotherapy and/or the effective focal dose during therapy.

Together with the Probe Counter ISOMED 2101, the thyroid programme is generally part of the Thyroid Counter ISOMED 2162 or of combined counters, with online processing of the measured count rates. Together with the patient data, the ex- amination results can be stored in a database, printed as a protocol and transmitted to a network.

Our software fulfils the current regulations, standards and directions. The software was created in intensive cooperation with our customers and is based on their experiences. The Thyroid Counter ISOMED 2162 fulfils the requirements of the Medicine Product Law.

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