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Sd Cam

Digital Gamma Camera System for Thyroid Diagnostics

Sd Cam
Sd Cam
Sd Cam


The SdCam is a compact digital Gamma Camera System, developed and manufactured in Germany, designed for the diagnostic of thyroid diseases.

The high resolution digitizing of the individual photomultipliers signal (for detailed description see the UniCam folder) realize a signal processing on highest level. The 25 high end Hamamatsu photomultipliers and the Windows XP Professional based UniCam computer system are the base of quality and functionality. For detailed description see the UniCam folder.

Variety of usage

As a result of the compact design of the stand as well as in the inclination of the adjustable detector head, electrically variable in the height, arise an enormous flexibility and a small space requirement.

The SdCam stand is according to standard equipped with wheels, which allows mobility in an area. Over set screws the system is easily adjusted able in the height and can be fixed at the same time. A special collimator for the thyroid examination is part of the standard system. Additional to the TC99m standard collimator also a Iodine 131 collimator is available.

The comfortable patient planning software program ensures effective planning of examinations and the following archiving.

Automatic sequences of functions and applications

A configurable operational sequence leads you by the entire diagnostic process. This simplifies the routine and reduces the time effort.

This includes:

Nuclear computer

The outstanding characteristics of the SdCam is combined with our UniCam computer system. Available with a whole set of equipment variants, with integration in HIS, RIS and PACS. All DICOM modalities are implemented.

For details please see the UniCam folder. Alternatively or additionally it is possible to do processing with the Odyssey computer by transfer or emulation of this computer system.

Individual colors

The individual color organization can be realized after your conception.

Space Requirements

Acquisition and processing software

Thyroid Diagnostics

Technical Details

  Wide (cm/inch) Length (cm/inch) Height (cm/inch) Weight (kg/lb.)
Sd Cam 95 cm/37 inch 79 cm/31 inch 154 cm/60 inch 195 kg/88,4 lbs.
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