Exradin A14P Microchamber

92711 A14P

Exradin A14P Microchamber


For superficial skin therapy measurements


Its waterproof construction and two piece removable stem makes it ideal for use in water phantoms. The chamber vents through a flexible tube that surrounds the triaxial cable, ensuring the collecting volume is in pressure equilibrium with the surroundings. The design assures there are no stem or voltage soakage effects, providing precise and reliable measurements.


The Model 14P Planar Microchamber is offered in two versions of rugged, Shonka plastic, providing excellent conductivity and years of reliable use:


REF Number 92713 - Model A14P
92714 - Model T14P
Collecting Volume 0.002 cm3
Nominal Calibration Factor 1430 R/nC
Centroid of Collecting Volume Approximately 1.5 mm from tip of chamber
Collector Diameter 1.5 mm
Outside Diameter of Shell Collecting Volume 6.0 mm
Wall Thickness 1.0 mm
Shell, Collector, and Guard Material A14P - Shonka air-equivalent plastic C552, conductive plastic
T14P - Shonka tissue-equivalent plastic A150
Venting Vented to the ambient via the flexible vent tube surrounding the triaxial cable
Stem 1.3 cm OD black phenolic, two-piece with 5.1 and 12.7 cm segments
Nominal Collection Efficiency 1.000
Maximum Polarizing Potential 1000 V
Nominal Inherent Leakage Currents 10-15 A
Low-Noise Triaxial Cable 50 ohms, 29 pF/ft, 1.5 m long
Signal Connector Triaxial BNC plug (2-Lug, male pin); others available upon request
High Voltage Connector Integral with triaxial connector (shell of chamber is common with connector body)
Waterproof Yes
Product Standards CE0413, Designed to meet IEC 60601-1, IEC 60731

Model 14P Schematic

Specifications subject to change without notice.