Nina Connectivity

A comprehensive solution for Nuclear Medicine connectivity.

Common Standards:DICOM 3.0, Interfile Proprietary Interfaces:GE, Adac, ElScint, Siemens, Toshiba

Direct network connections: TCP/IP, OSI; automated file transfers, conversion and auto-routing between multiple data sources and destinations

All trade marks
Static, Dynamic,
Multi-phase dynamic
Gated SPECT Comments
Adac Pegasys yes yes yesNative Read;
DICOM/Interfile Write
GE Starcam yes yes yes Starlink network connection
GE Genie yes yes yes DICOM & Interfile
Elscint XPERT yes yes yes Network (OSI) to Apex
Picker Odyssey yes yes Interfile & DICOM
Siemens ICON yes yes
Sopha XT/NXT yes yes Interfile
SMV POWERstation yes yes yes DICOM & Interfile
Summit Vision yes yes yes Interfile
Toshiba yes yes yes
Trionix yes yes Interfile

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