Ludlum 3000

Model 3000


The Ludlum Model 3000 is a versatile, lightweight, ergonomically designed instrument with an external detector used for alpha, beta,or gamma radiation survey. Three modes of operation - RATE,MAX, and COUNT - are available for the user. Measurements can be collected in two sets of units (primary and secondary) for RATE and MAX modes in cps, cpm, Bq, dpm, mR/hr, or &muSv/h units. The user can switch between two sets of chosen units by simply pressing the Units button. An internal switch is used to enable or disable the front-panel setup feature to protect desired settings from inadvertent modification. Setup is also available via software available from Ludlum Measurements. User-adjustable settings include calibration constant, dead time correction, efficiency, high voltage, pulse threshold, response time (fast or slow), count time, operational modes, HV current overload level, operational mode (Rate, Max,or Count), and minimum and maximum display levels. The user may also set Primary and Secondary units, unit alarm levels, count units, count alarm levels, and zero pulse protection time limit. This instrument features a large, easily-readable LCD (liquid crystal display), a piercing audio warning tone, and easy, intuitive, user-friendly design. Splash-resistant construction allows the Model 3000 to be used outdoors. The unit body is made of lightweight, durable, high-impact plastic. The Model 3000 is shipped ready to use with batteries and calibration certificate.

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