Ludlum 702i

Isotope Identifier with Internal Detector

Ludlum 702i


The portable Model 702i isotopic measurement system was developed to give end users such as first responders a simple tool to quickly locate any abnormal levels of radioactivity, and to accurately identify the isotopes present. The instrument houses an internal 5.1 x 3.8 cm (2 x 1.5 in.) NaI detector. The signal is gain stabilized, and the instrument automatically calibrates itself via an embedded 40K source. The Model 702i additionally offers several advanced features for well-trained experts seeking to perform more detailed analysis either in the field or in a laboratory. Spectra can be captured to a removable CompactFlash disk to be analyzed more thoroughly with the Quantum MCA software (included). Eight rechargeable NiMH AA batteries and an AC power adapter are also included.

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