Stretch Scope Exposure Ratemeter - Model 78-1

Stretch Scope Exposure Ratemeter - Model 78


The Model 78-1 Stretch Scope telescoping gamma survey meter keeps the user at a safe distance from high rad areas, and reaches areas otherwise difficult to normally access. The wide 1 μSv/h to 10,000 mSv/h detection range is accomplished using dual energy-compensated GM detectors. The backlit digital LCD delivers precise 4-digit measurement values, which can be programmed to display units of Sv or Counts, and is accompanied by icons and messages for operational status of the instrument. Rate changes are conveniently viewed on the accompanying analog meter. The front-panel controls include separate switches for On/Off, Audio, μSv/h & mSv/h range selection, Fast/Slow response, and LCD backlight.


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