Nina - Nuclear Medicine Information System and Nuclear Medicine Archive



NINA - provides a web-interface-based archive system designed for nuclear Medicine, Radiology and Radiotion Theraphy

It includes: Patient flow management, on-line and long-term storage, web based user interface and administration, HTTP server for Web access, dual storage redundancy

RAPHAELA - provides web-interface-based modules and tools for Hot Lab Management, Radio-Pharma Production, Pharmacopoela, Radioactive Waste Management and Patient-Dose-documentation

Communication Modules:

For both, NINA and RAPHAELA, various Interfaces are available.
Standard communication protocols like HL7 and DICOM are supported, but also Interfile or ACR-NEMA,
as well as customized interfaces like SOAP-based solutions.


NINA and RAPHAELA are both designed to be flexible customized
to meet the special requirements of the user, and to fit in an existing enviroment.


NINA can be used as Gateway, to make existing studies also available for other departments or scientific use.

Isotope Database

RAPHAELA can be used as single solution for the nuclear pharmaceutical management.

Department Management

Embedded in a complex system, NINA and RAPHAELA will serve as an intelligent solution
to communicate between all the installed modalities in a
Nuclear Medicine, Radiology and/or Radiotherapy department.
It will also support daily QA procedures, scientific research
and interdisciplinary processes (e.g. Tumor Board).

Standalone Solutions

Both, NINA and RAPHAELA can be used as standalone solutions,
using the full spectrum of functionalities, or only selected modules.

Hardware Requrements

Any industry platform capable to support openSUSE Linux either physical or virtualized.

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